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Transfer & Tourist Vehicle

Tang Dynasty Travel's contracted tourist vehicle companies cover all major tourist destinations of China & Indochina. Our tourist vehicle fleet can accommodate tour groups of all sizes, and meets following quality standards:


  • All contracted vehicles are well-maintained;
  • All drivers are assessed on a regular basis to ensure the best-in-class service that is demanded by Tang Dynasty Travel.


  • Except in few remote areas, all contracted vehicles are air-conditioned;
  • Tourists will have plenty personal space to stretch their arms and legs, and never feel packed into a car.


  • All vehicles must be cleaned up after each tour day, and cleanness is also maintained during tour breaks.

Our principles of tourist vehicle arrangement

We use vehicles with extra space to maximize comfort for the tourists. Depending on how many people in a tour group, we use:

  • Sedans or mini vans (7 seats) for 4 people or less;
  • Medium vans (12 seats) for 4-8 people;
  • Large vans or small coaches (14-22 seats) for 8-15 people;
  • Medium coaches (33 – 37 seats) for 15 – 25 people;
  • Large coaches (45 – 53 seats) for more than 25 – 40 people.

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